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Winter Comfort: The Advantages of Ductless Heating Systems in Peoria, IL

By December 18, 2023December 22nd, 2023No Comments
ductless heating systems

If you’re going to stay cozy in your Peoria home this winter, you should think about the advantages of ductless heating systems.

Winter temperatures in Peoria have taken a dip over the last few years. People are spending more time indoors, which makes it so important to have a comfortable, warm house. 

One of the ways to do that is to install a new heating system. In today’s post, we’ll discuss the perks of ductless system installation for your Peoria home. If you want to save money and boost heating efficiency, keep reading and you’ll see that ductless heating systems are the way to go.

Lower Operating Cost

Everybody dreams of lower energy costs, which is why ductless system installation is the way to go for frugal homeowners. Ductless HVAC systems use 30-40% less energy than their ducted counterparts.

The reason for this is simply due to ducts. A lot of air is lost through small cracks and seams in your ducts, which means your system needs to work harder to heat your home. When it works harder, it costs you more.

Easy to Integrate Smart Technology

Another way to lower your carbon footprint and energy costs is to integrate smart technology. Smart HVAC tech, like thermostats, vents, and humidifiers, can be programmed so that your home is heated at sensible times and in sensible places.

An older, lower-tech HVAC system will just heat your entire home indiscriminately. When your smart thermostat tells it to heat certain rooms at certain times, however, you aren’t wasting energy.

Improve Air Quality at Home

Americans spend a huge amount of their time – around 90% – indoors, and more than usual during winter months. For that reason, you must prioritize indoor air quality, which has a lot to do with your HVAC system.

With forced air heating systems, you end up with a lot of dirt and debris floating through the air. These contaminants can make you vulnerable to allergies and other airborne illnesses, which can take a toll when it’s cold out.

The filtration systems in ductless HVAC prevent over 99% of particles from entering your air. You’ll breathe clean air all winter when you have a well-maintained mini-split system heating your home.

Easy Maintenance

Ductless¬†HVAC units are relatively simple compared to ducted systems, which contain more moving parts. With more going on, there’s always more risk of your heating system failing. In the winter, when you’re using it more, this could happen at the most inopportune times.

Having a system that is easy to maintain makes it easier to keep your heater functioning for longer. The biggest thing is cleaning your filters and ensuring that the outdoor and indoor parts of the unit aren’t blocked or damaged by debris.

Enjoy a Warm House with Ductless Heating Systems

If you want to enjoy your warm house in Peoria this winter, ductless heating systems are the right move. With the cold weather right around the corner, it’s best to schedule your installation now with Lambie.

Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning is Peoria’s top HVAC specialist. To learn more about ductless heating installation, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

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