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Fall HVAC Upgrades for Improved Indoor Air Quality in Peoria, IL

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Americans spend an estimated 90% of their time indoors, where concentrations of some pollutants are 2-5 times higher. 

Fall might be the favorite season for many people, but it’s also the time of year when the weather starts to get cooler and we spend more time inside the house. If you notice symptoms like sinus congestion, headaches, dry throat, or eye irritation, it could be a sign of poor indoor air quality (IAQ). 

Now is the perfect time to consider some HVAC upgrades that could improve the way you feel while indoors. Here are some to consider for homeowners in Peoria, IL. 

Get an HVAC Tune-Up

The first step should be to contact an HVAC company for an AC and heating tune-up. Scheduling regular heating and cooling maintenance ensures that your equipment is running as it should. HVAC technicians check for any problems, and can also clean your units if necessary. 

We offer a Build Your Own Planned Maintenance Agreement that allows you to select only the services you need. 

Regulate the Humidity

Another aspect of comfortable indoor air quality is the humidity level. You can take steps to control moisture levels at home by using exhaust fans, using dehumidifiers, and checking your ventilation. 

Generally, you want a relative humidity of between 40%-60% to stay comfortable. 

Swap Your Furnace Filter

Regularly replacing your filters ensures that your HVAC equipment can continue to clean your air efficiently. 

Generally, thicker filters are better at trapping contaminants, and they don’t need to be replaced as often. For instance, you might only need to replace a 3-4 inch filter every 6-9 months or so. Thinner filters, such as the 1-2 inch types, need replacing every 1-3 months to maintain efficiency. 

Consider upgrading your filter to one with a better rating if you feel you need to improve your indoor air quality. This is one HVAC upgrade that doesn’t cost much but makes a big difference. 

Upgrade Your HVAC System

Many newer heating and cooling systems have ventilation, dehumidification, and filtration capabilities. If you notice poor air quality inside, it may be time for an upgrade to a better model. 

The average furnace lifespan is around 15 to 30 years, so if your system is approaching the end of its life, fall is the perfect time to make the switch. 

Whole-home air purification systems offer the ultimate comfort by maintaining IAQ levels. 

Plus, at Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning, we sell high-quality IAQ equipment such as air purifiers and humidifiers designed to help you maintain healthier air quality. UV lights, for instance, help keep your equipment clean and can reduce bacteria, viruses, and allergens. 

Looking for HVAC Upgrades? 

Living in a home with poor indoor air quality can leave everyone feeling miserable. Thankfully, you can make these fall HVAC upgrades and start breathing easier. 

Are you looking for upgrades or indoor air quality services in Peoria, IL? Contact us at Lambie Heating and Air Conditioning for a free quote or to discuss your options. We’d be happy to tell you about the upgrades available or help you improve your IAQ levels. 

what temperature is too hot for a house

Summer Cooling 101: What Temperature Is Too Hot for My Peoria, IL Home?

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Did you know that setting your thermostat to the right temperatures can save you up to 15% on your bill? It’s difficult to manage your HVAC in the summer heat. How can you stay cool without running your air conditioning system all night?

Moreover, what temperature is too hot for a house? Many of us are comfortable and content to let the temperature in the summer stay high. But can your home get too hot for safety?

If you’re curious about house temperatures in Peoria, we’re here to help. Read on to learn about avoiding HVAC overuse and how to keep your home cozy in the summer.

Day or Night?

For maximum efficiency, you should change the temperature depending on what time of day it is.

For example, if you’re out of the house, don’t run your air conditioning. You’ll waste money and energy cooling down an empty home. Due to this, the acceptable temperature in your home during the day is higher than at night when the home is full.

At night, people tend to make their homes colder. Many people rest better in cool temperatures.

What Temperature Is Too Hot For a House?

Is there a temperature in your home that’s dangerous? How hot can you safely keep your home? Are Peoria summers hot enough to threaten your home?

When dealing with HVAC in the summer, you can save money by not letting your air conditioning cool the home. But the temperature in the summer can sometimes reach hazardous points.

The typical lowest you should let your thermostat reach is about 64 degrees. When you want your home warmer, 78 degrees is the general highest average. You shouldn’t let your home get much hotter than this.

Here are some guidelines for how hot you can allow your home to become.


For most common pets, such as cats and dogs, the average temperatures are acceptable. Most animals can handle slightly chillier or moderately warmer weather.

Peoria has an average high of 82-86 degrees in the summer. While this won’t threaten your pets, your home will become uncomfortable. Though there’s no safety risk, we suggest not letting your home get above 78 degrees.

However, if you let your warm stay warmer, keep ample water out for your animals. If you have exotic pets such as arachnids, cold-blooded reptiles, or fish, don’t let the home get too cold. Excess heat shouldn’t pose a problem.


Many plants grow fine in warmth. The ideal temperature for house plants is about 60-75 degrees. For a home with plants, don’t let it reach 80 degrees or warmer.


If your home has a newborn or infant, the temperature shouldn’t get too warm. Most medical journals suggest nothing higher than 74 degrees. 

Should 74 degrees seem too warm, feel free to go lower. Most don’t suggest a room temperature below 65 degrees Fahrenheit in homes with toddlers and infants.

Setting Your HVAC In the Summer

What temperature is too hot for a house is a setting for you to decide based on your comfort and preferences. Depending on the inhabitants of the house, you shouldn’t let your home get warmer than 75 degrees. If you want to save money, keep your air conditioning inactive while the home is vacant.

For more information about your HVAC in the summer, feel free to contact us at Lambie Heating and Air Conditioning. You can also browse our site for some of our many services, such as HVAC repair and maintenance, AC installation, and more in the Peoria area.

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5 Signs You Need AC Repair in Peoria, IL

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Is your HVAC system acting up? Considering that it can cost up to $1,500 for AC repair, you may be hesitant to get an immediate fix for it. 

There are still AC problems that you need to look out for before your damage gets worse. So, you may be asking yourself, “When do I need to find AC repair near me?”

Here are five of the major signs. 

1. Blowing Warm Air 

One of the first signs that you may need AC repairs is when it blows warm air. This is common sense considering that you are going to notice something is wrong immediately here because you are expecting to feel cold air. 

If you notice this happening consistently, you are going to need to call someone to take a look at it. This is an issue that is especially important to get fixed if you are currently in the summer months. 

2. Leaks From the AC 

Another thing that you need to watch out for is if your AC unit has any leaks. That could mean that a bigger problem is developing in your unit if you choose to ignore it. 

It could be hard to determine the exact cause without taking a deeper dive into your unit. However, there is a small chance that there can be a poisonous substance in there that you will want to address. 

3. High Electric Bill

Something that you should be paying attention to is how high your electric bill is. In the United States, the average electric bill is about $122 per month

Let’s say that you normally pay this amount through most of the year. Then, all of a sudden, you get a bill for twice this amount in one month. 

You could think that this is even stranger if you have not used the AC more than usual. In that situation, you have to consider that the AC is taking up more electrical power. It does this when there is an issue with the unit and as a result, it uses more electricity to keep it operating normally. 

4. More Frequent Issues 

You may have been used to dealing with AC problems once every blue moon. However, you may have noticed that there are AC issues coming up frequently these days. 

If this is your case, it may not be a coincidence. You may want to call a repair service and see if there is a deeper problem. 

5. Loud Noises 

Think of your AC like a car. If it is not working properly, there is a chance that you can hear a squealing or a grinding sound that just sounds unnatural to you.

It can not only be unpleasant but also a sign that something in your AC unit is not operating the way it should. Try to identify where it is coming from and address it. 

Find AC Repair Near Me 

These are five signs that you need to answer your query about “AC repair near me.” If you are hearing loud noises from your AC unit, you are feeling nothing but warm air, or are having frequent problems with the AC unit, it is time to address these issues. 

Request a free quote from Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning today. 

ductless ac systems

Everything Peoria, IL Homeowners Need To Know About Ductless AC System

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The global ductless heating and cooling systems market was worth $98.88 billion in 2021 — and it’s growing. One of the things driving this growth is the demand by homeowners for more energy-efficient appliances. But are you a candidate for ductless AC systems as a Peoria, IL homeowner?

After looking into the matter, you’ll find it a worthwhile investment. Keep reading to see everything you need to know about ductless AC systems.

They Don’t Require Ductwork

One of the most essential things about ductless AC is that it does not require ductwork. In fact, it was designed to work without ductwork.

That can be a game-changer if you need to cool areas of your home that don’t have ductwork. Installing ductwork can cost a small fortune, and taking on such a project might be cost-prohibitive. So, a ductless system makes sense.

They Can Heat and Cool

What is a ductless AC system? It’s a system that can help you regulate the temperature in your home.

It’s also essential to consider that the unit can also heat your home.

If you don’t want to invest in both an AC unit and a furnace, consider whether or not a ductless system is a good option for your residential needs.

Many Peoria, IL homeowners are experiencing the benefits of going with a ductless AC unit.

They Are Kept Indoors

Another thing you should know about ductless AC systems is that they’re stored indoors. Traditional AC units are installed outside. But ductless models are placed inside your home in the areas where they’re needed.

Ductless AC systems are small, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing. So, they’ll provide the functionality you expect from an air conditioning unit, and they’ll do so without detracting from the aesthetic style of the space.

They Cut Down on Energy Consumption

Did you know that energy waste related to leaky ductwork can cause up to 30% of an AC unit’s energy consumption? If your ductwork is the worse for wear, some of the air can go missing while moving through the ductwork.

What does that mean? You won’t get the full benefits of an AC unit because some of the air will leak out of the ductwork before it gets to its destination. That’s a waste of energy since your AC unit won’t function efficiently.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

One of the essential ductless air conditioning benefits is eco-friendliness. They’re entirely powered courtesy of electricity and won’t create carbon monoxide. So, you can lessen any exterior or interior air pollution.

While they run entirely on electricity, they do so in an efficient manner.

They’re Easier to Maintain

Ductless windows are easier to maintain than traditional AC units or window units. Rather than dealing with multiple systems to cool and heat your home, you’ll only have to deal with a single unit if you go with ductless AC.

Changing the air filter on schedule is a must. But you can book maintenance through the service provider you get your ductless AC unit from.

Consider Ductless AC Systems for Your Home

Do you need to get an AC unit for your home? Whether you don’t have one or need to replace the one you have, it pays to look into ductless AC options.

At Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer the best in ductless AC systems for homeowners in Peoria, IL. Get in touch to book an appointment or ask questions. We’re here to help.

ac and heating tune up

Why You Should Schedule an AC Tune-Up Before Summer Begins in Peoria, IL

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Did you know that summer temperatures in Peoria, Illinois can climb into the eighties? It is more important than ever to ensure your air conditioning system works properly before the weather warms up too much. Have you ever thought about how an AC and heating tune-up can make your life easier?

Here are some key benefits of maintaining your HVAC system on a regular basis.

Avoid Higher Energy Bills

You probably already spend more on heating and cooling during times of extreme temperature. When your air conditioner or heater doesn’t work properly, it can stress the system and use more power.

If you notice that your energy bill is higher than normal, it could be a sign that you need to look at AC companies for air conditioning or furnace repair.

Extend Your System Lifespan

Replacing your HVAC system completely can cost thousands of dollars. However, you can increase your system’s lifespan by keeping up with regular maintenance, rather than waiting for a major problem.

It is a better idea to spend a little bit of money every now and then for repairs, and avoid purchasing a whole new system for many years to come.

Fewer Breakdowns During Peak Usage

The last thing you want when it is too hot or cold in Peoria is the inability to use your HVAC system. Take care of necessary repairs before the peak seasons so you do not have to suffer while you wait for service.

When your system is up to date and working properly, you can feel confident that it will be able to handle extreme temperatures and keep your home comfortable.

Get Quicker Service

More customers call in with complaints and outages during the warmest and coldest months of the year. An easy way to avoid this is to service your HVAC system during the times of the year that do not have peak temperatures.

You will be able to get much faster service and take care of repairs quickly. Find a repair company quickly by searching for “AC repair near me” or “heating and cooling near me.”

Cleaner Air for Your Home

A clogged air conditioning and heating system can lead to indoor air pollution. Well-insulated homes mean less chance of fresh air coming in from the outside.

Air pollution can cause major health problems such as asthma, breathing problems, and allergies. Make sure to clear dust and grime from your HVAC system, especially your vents, on a regular basis.

Dirty coils or other elements of your HVAC ecosystem can project air pollution into your home. Rely on the experts from AC companies to inspect and clean it as needed.

Schedule Your AC and Heating Tune-Up Today

If you want your house to feel comfortable, do not put off an AC and heating tune-up. With these advantages, regular maintenance of your system with Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning will benefit you in the long run.

HVAC maintenance should be a breeze. To schedule maintenance or repairs, contact us now for service in Peoria, Illinois, and surrounding areas.

improve indoor air quality - lambie heating and air -

How Can Peoria, IL Homeowners Improve Indoor Air Quality?

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Did you know that Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors? And indoors is more likely to have 2 to 5 times the number of pollutants in the air than the outdoors?

That’s probably the opposite of what you would think – but it’s true.

So that means you may want to improve your indoor air quality. But how do you do that? What’s the best way to make sure you are breathing clean air?

Here are a few tips.

Test Your Air Quality 

The first thing that you can do is test your air quality to see where it ranks.

If it’s not good, you need to call a professional or Google for “AC repair near me.”

This is one of the best ways to start if your air quality isn’t up to par. An air conditioning leaking or AC pan leaking could be causing mold to start building up.

While you could try to do it yourself, finding AC companies that can do this for you is a much better idea.

Take Steps to Control Allergens

The more allergens in the air, the worse the air quality is. To reduce the allergens in the air, you can do the following:

  • Wash bedding often 
  • Brush and bathe your pet often 
  • Vacuum and dust often 

In addition to these easy steps, you should also look up on Google “heating and cooling near me” so that a professional can see how your AC and furnace are operating.

If needed, they can do a furnace repair to reduce allergens. 

Use an Air Purifier

Another effective way to keep the air quality in your home high is to use an air purifier. 

Your home air quality can be affected by allergens, mold spores, smoke, carbon dioxide, and more. Using an air purifier can remove air particles that you do not want in the air out of your home!

Reduce Dampness

If you live in a humid area or notice that your home is more humid than you would like, you’ll want to change that. Humid climates lead to health hazards like mold growth.

This can drastically decrease the quality of the air that you are breathing.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Today

You don’t have to live with bad air quality inside your home! There are so many ways to improve the air quality that is in your home in Peoria, IL.

From adding an air purifier to multiple rooms in your home to taking the necessary steps to control allergens in the air, a lot is in your control. But the best thing you can do is call an HVAC professional.

Whether you search “heating near me,” “free furnace estimate,” or something else related to AC and heat, you’ll able to find one you love.

At Lambie Heating and Air Conditioning, we have you covered if you’re in the Peoria, IL area. Contact us today to make sure your air is pure!

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