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Air Conditioning Services

We offer air conditioning repair, air conditioning installation, and air conditioning maintenance plans to fit your needs.

Heating Services

Our heating services include installing, maintaining, and repairing heating systems that include furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, electric heating systems, and ductless mini-splits.

HVAC Maintenance

We perform maintenance services such as cleaning and replacing air filters, inspecting ductwork, tightening loose electrical connections, and checking for any signs of wear or damage.

Indoor Air Quality

Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning offers indoor air quality solutions to enhance the comfort of your home and help reduce respiratory complications that may arise from a contaminated airflow.

24 Hour Emergency HVAC Service Peoria, IL

Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning started in 1962 in Peoria, IL. Since then, we’ve been striving to provide you with a family-friendly experience that will make us your exclusive heating, cooling, and indoor air quality solution provider. We offer a wide variety of services that can improve the daily lives of our customers.

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Heating & Air Conditioning Carrier Factory
Authorized Dealer

Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer (FAD), meaning we sell only Carrier Equipment. Our Carrier FAD seal of approval is our guarantee to you that we only buy Carrier Equipment off of the manufacturer’s service plans and showroom floors at the lowest suggested retail price available. We know that our customers want the best equipment, so we make sure to provide them with the best Carrier Prices and Service.


Why Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning?

We understand that our customers have a choice in the products they purchase, and we are committed to offering only the best Carrier Products. We have a Performance Guarantee on all of our units so that you can spend your energy savings money with total confidence. In case of a mechanical failure, Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning will repair or replace the unit as needed. With this guarantee, you can enjoy your investment for years to come.

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Planned Maintenance Agreement

At Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning, we know that maintaining your HVAC system is vital to its longevity and efficiency and is often necessary to maintain your system’s factory warranty. We designed our Planned Maintenance Agreement (PMA) to be a hassle-free approach to maintaining your unit while allowing you the flexibility of adding only the services you need and want. The main goal behind our Planned Maintenance Agreement is to create a program that gives you peace of mind knowing that your unit is being properly maintained, is up-to-date, and has been thoroughly tested.


Benefits of a Planned Maintenance Agreement

Cooling Equipment Precision Tune-Up

Ensuring your system is working at its peak is vital to your unit’s overall efficiency. We’ll give you an externally certified, thorough inspection to ensure your system is operating at its optimum level.

Cooling equipment will be tested extensively, and all system components will be thoroughly inspected.

A Full Safety Inspection

To ensure your unit is safe, we’ll check your entire air conditioning system for potential hazards, such as loose connections or worn parts that could lead to safety issues.

When possible, safety issues will be repaired to ensure your household’s utmost safety.

Precision Tune-Up on Heating Equipment

Your heating equipment will be inspected for things such as loose connections or worn parts that could lead to a safety issue. When possible, safety issues will be repaired to ensure your household’s utmost safety.

Heating equipment tends to run at a lower efficiency rate than cooling equipment, but we will ensure your system is operating at peak performance for both heating and cooling.

Discounts on Fees and Services

As a member of our Planned Maintenance Agreement, you are eligible for a discounted service call fee on your Carrier equipment or any other manufacturer’s equipment you may have when you sign up.

You will also be eligible for a 10% discount on repairs on qualifying equipment when you opt to have Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning complete the repairs.

Safer Equipment Operation

Our trained technicians will address any potential safety issues, such as loose connections or worn parts that could lead to a safety issue. When possible, safety issues will be repaired to ensure your household’s utmost safety.

A PMA provides several safety services that help ensure your equipment is working as safely as possible.

Reliable & Dependable 24/7 HVAC Services

Having the BBB’s seal of approval also means we must follow a strict code of business ethics. We are accountable for what we say and do, and you can count on us to make things right if a problem arises.

We repair a wide range of heating and cooling equipment in Peoria and the surrounding communities. Here are some of the repair and maintenance services we provide and reasons why you should choose us:

Flat Rate Pricing

If you have an emergency, our technicians will be there within a few hours to repair your equipment. We’ll provide you with a quote before we begin any work so that you don’t have to worry about any surprises after the service has been completed.

We’re always upfront about costs, so there are never any hidden fees or charges. Flat rate pricing means you can always expect to pay the price quoted at the time of service.

One-Year Warranty

We have a one-year warranty on all work we do for you, so if anything goes wrong, we’ll be there to fix it immediately.

We are committed to providing you with award-winning customer service and sound advice so that you can save money and get your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality issues resolved quickly.

Gas Furnace and Air Handler Repairs

Furnace problems do not always mean you’ll need to replace your entire system. Sometimes all it takes is a repair to get your furnace back up and running and keep your home comfortable all winter long.

We are trained and experienced in repairing gas furnaces, including the parts they use, such as gas valves, blowers, burners, and relays. Air handler repairs are also common, and we’ll be able to come to your home, diagnose your problem, and offer a solution should you run into any issues with your home’s air handler.

Installation of New Air Conditioning Units

We can install new equipment in your home, including new AC units or heat pumps. When it’s time to replace old units and make your home more energy efficient, we can install new equipment in your home, including new AC units or heat pumps.

It is advisable to have your old equipment removed and disposed of properly by licensed contractors to remove any potential environmental concerns. Our competitive prices and state-of-the-art installation methods will allow you to enjoy cool air even in the year’s hottest months.

Heat Pump and Evaporator Coil

The one thing responsible for generating the cool air that blasts through a home’s ventilation system is perhaps the most important component of an air conditioner. Even if every other component of the AC unit is working properly, running the appliance is pointless if all you get are puffs of warm air coming out of the air ducts.

The evaporator coil is responsible for the air-cooling effect of an air conditioner. If this piece of equipment is damaged, the AC appliance is useless. Furthermore, heat pumps are among the most popular and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems on the market. However, because they provide both heating and cooling, they are frequently used. All of that use can lead to minor problems and issues with your equipment.

Whether you’re looking for repair or replacement of your heat pump or evaporator coil, you can count on Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning to take care of your air conditioning installation needs. Improving the day-to-day quality of your home is our number one priority. As a family-owned and operated business, we are proud to have been serving customers in the greater Peoria, IL area for over 50 years.

Air Purifiers

Contaminants like dust, dander, pollen, and other particles can make the air inside your home more polluted than you imagine—maybe even more polluted than outdoor air.

Our trained technicians will ensure you get the best air quality and HVAC repair for your home. With over 50 years of experience, we install air purifiers on residential and commercial systems in and around East Peoria, IL.

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Warranty & Maintenance

Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to give you confidence in our performance and customer care. We provide the same services to our customers, whether they are new or existing customers, which means that we have the expertise and experience to keep your Carrier equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

We monitor your equipment twice a year (with a Planned Maintenance Agreement or a scheduled appointment) to ensure that everything is working correctly and in good working condition at all times, so you don’t have to worry about it. Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning offers a hassle-free way to get your equipment installed at home. Take advantage of scheduling your installation appointment by calling us today!

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