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Summer Cooling 101: What Temperature Is Too Hot for My Peoria, IL Home?

By August 17, 2023August 18th, 2023No Comments
what temperature is too hot for a house

Did you know that setting your thermostat to the right temperatures can save you up to 15% on your bill? It’s difficult to manage your HVAC in the summer heat. How can you stay cool without running your air conditioning system all night?

Moreover, what temperature is too hot for a house? Many of us are comfortable and content to let the temperature in the summer stay high. But can your home get too hot for safety?

If you’re curious about house temperatures in Peoria, we’re here to help. Read on to learn about avoiding HVAC overuse and how to keep your home cozy in the summer.

Day or Night?

For maximum efficiency, you should change the temperature depending on what time of day it is.

For example, if you’re out of the house, don’t run your air conditioning. You’ll waste money and energy cooling down an empty home. Due to this, the acceptable temperature in your home during the day is higher than at night when the home is full.

At night, people tend to make their homes colder. Many people rest better in cool temperatures.

What Temperature Is Too Hot For a House?

Is there a temperature in your home that’s dangerous? How hot can you safely keep your home? Are Peoria summers hot enough to threaten your home?

When dealing with HVAC in the summer, you can save money by not letting your air conditioning cool the home. But the temperature in the summer can sometimes reach hazardous points.

The typical lowest you should let your thermostat reach is about 64 degrees. When you want your home warmer, 78 degrees is the general highest average. You shouldn’t let your home get much hotter than this.

Here are some guidelines for how hot you can allow your home to become.


For most common pets, such as cats and dogs, the average temperatures are acceptable. Most animals can handle slightly chillier or moderately warmer weather.

Peoria has an average high of 82-86 degrees in the summer. While this won’t threaten your pets, your home will become uncomfortable. Though there’s no safety risk, we suggest not letting your home get above 78 degrees.

However, if you let your warm stay warmer, keep ample water out for your animals. If you have exotic pets such as arachnids, cold-blooded reptiles, or fish, don’t let the home get too cold. Excess heat shouldn’t pose a problem.


Many plants grow fine in warmth. The ideal temperature for house plants is about 60-75 degrees. For a home with plants, don’t let it reach 80 degrees or warmer.


If your home has a newborn or infant, the temperature shouldn’t get too warm. Most medical journals suggest nothing higher than 74 degrees. 

Should 74 degrees seem too warm, feel free to go lower. Most don’t suggest a room temperature below 65 degrees Fahrenheit in homes with toddlers and infants.

Setting Your HVAC In the Summer

What temperature is too hot for a house is a setting for you to decide based on your comfort and preferences. Depending on the inhabitants of the house, you shouldn’t let your home get warmer than 75 degrees. If you want to save money, keep your air conditioning inactive while the home is vacant.

For more information about your HVAC in the summer, feel free to contact us at Lambie Heating and Air Conditioning. You can also browse our site for some of our many services, such as HVAC repair and maintenance, AC installation, and more in the Peoria area.

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