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Maximizing Efficiency: How the Right Peoria, IL HVAC Contractor Can Save You Money

By March 13, 2024May 2nd, 2024No Comments
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Only 30% of homeowners schedule preventative maintenance for their HVAC systems. That lack of care can lead to unnecessary repairs and replacements. 

Finding the right professional to handle them creates a bond of trust. 60% of homeowners would follow them if they moved to a new company.

Working with a qualified professional also helps your wallet. Read on to learn how the right Peoria, IL HVAC contractor can save you money.

Better Equipment Selection

Contractors know about all the latest and greatest HVAC equipment. They can tell you when to replace your system and what to replace it with. 

You’ll get a new one quickly and avoid choosing one that isn’t the right size for your home. It’ll run better without the need for expensive repairs.

Enhanced Efficiency

The ideal HVAC system is an efficient one. They’re quieter, more effective, and less expensive.

An HVAC contractor can identify anything keeping your system from running as efficiently as possible. The problem could be as simple as a dirty air filter, an issue 29% of Americans never attend to.

Your system may also be too outdated to run at its best. Contractors can upgrade you to a more energy-efficient one.

Reduced Repairs

There are several signs you need AC repair, including:

  • Warm air
  • Leaks
  • High utility bills
  • Loud noises

Avoiding these issues or trying to fix them yourself can be a disaster. You may cause further damage, and the entire system may even break down.

Proactive AC maintenance from a contractor prevents these issues. They can fix or clean components before they require expensive repairs or replacements.

Lower Energy Bills

Air conditioning makes up 6% of all electricity produced in the US. It also makes up 12% of the average home’s energy bill.

Develop a routine for scheduling professional HVAC services. Have them look at your system in the off-season of fall and spring. That makes it better able to handle higher use in the summer and winter. 

They can also suggest other ways to reduce your bills such as a higher-efficiency system. You’ll see lower bills as your HVAC starts to run at its best.

Maintained Warranties

Most HVAC manufacturers have maintenance requirements for their units. If you don’t meet them, you void your warranty.

HVAC companies who work with these products know how to keep the warranty in check. It’ll save you money by covering much of your repair or replacement costs.

Reduced Liability

Every HVAC company in Peoria has to follow the city’s laws about licensing and insurance. This is a requirement that can also save you money in an emergency.

It prevents you from being liable for any injuries the workers experience on your property. You won’t have any expensive fees or lawsuits to contend with.

Find an HVAC Contractor Today (Your Wallet Will Thank You)

An HVAC contractor can help you choose a system and keep it healthy and efficient. This saves you money by reducing repair costs and energy bills. They’ll also prevent you from voiding warranties and facing liabilities for injuries during jobs.

Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is a certified HVAC company with over 50 years of experience serving Peoria and the surrounding tri-county area. We offer warranties on all our work and flexible payment plans. Contact us for professional HVAC maintenance today.

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